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Home Work Podcast

Sep 1, 2021

Harry and Dave discuss the difficult task of charging what you're worth—how to arrive at a price, how to deal with cheap clients, and why it’s necessary to avoid “exposure.”

Harry's Tool of the Week

- Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener

Dave’s Tool of the Week

- HiveBloom


- KUM Automatic Brake Long Point 2 Step Pencil Sharpener + 2 Spare Blades - Red

- Field Notes Signature

- Field Notes Space Pen

- Fisher Space Pens | JetPens

- How to Clean and Maintain your Commercial Ice Cream Machine

- “Field Guide Price Increase Starts Next Week” | MacSparky

- “How To Charge What You’re Worth — Which Is 3 To 10X More than You’re Getting Today [With Ramit Sethi]” | chasejarvis

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